Corporate dispute resolution

LEGAL NEWS • September 2, 2020

Lawyers of the EU LAW FIRM offer resolution of any corporate disputes quickly, effectively and from anywhere in the world.


Residence permit in the European Union

LEGAL NEWS • August 27, 2020

EU LAW FIRM lawyers offer to help clients in matters related to permanent residence in Latvia, or temporary residence. EU LAW FIRM offers legal aid in residence permit related matters, specifically focused on clients' wishes.


Personal data protection while using private blockchain in the EU

LEGAL NEWS • August 24, 2020

The development of blockchain as a decentralized ledger has raised numerous issues within the EU, specifically when used within an organization or a business facility, which relies on blockchain as main operating system. EU LAW FIRM offers legal aid in ensuring the compatibility of the system, business transactions and documentation of the company using private blockchain regarding customers' data protection issues in the European Union.


Ship arrest in Latvia

LEGAL NEWS • August 2, 2020

EU LAW FIRM lawyers provide ship arrest services in all Latvian commercial ports - Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja.


Protect your rights remotely during COVID-19 pandemic

LEGAL NEWS • August 1, 2020

Despite the imposed restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic, EU LAW FIRM offers remote legal consulting and legal aid in any dispute, providing the ability to protect your rights from home in the shortest period of time.


Maritime claims in Latvia

LEGAL NEWS • July 31, 2020

EU LAW FIRM provides clients with legal assistance in maritime claims, ship arrest, litigation, recovery of damages and assets from shipping companies, seafarers salaries as well as provide other services in relation to maritime law.