Preparation of Labour Contracts

LEGAL NEWS • July 26, 2020

EU LAW FIRM drafts employment contracts as per necessity in order to find the best solutions for both employers and employees interests.


Remote legal assistance in Latvia

LEGAL NEWS • June 20, 2020

Legal assistance does not necessarily mean consulting in the office, EU LAW FIRM also provides effective legal services through internet technologies. EU LAW FIRM offers clients legal aid from your home or workplace, as well as from anywhere in the world.


Insolvency in Latvia

LEGAL NEWS • June 8, 2020

EU LAW FIRM offers the preparation of insolvency applications in order to initiate insolvency proceedings of a client (natural or legal person).


Private Blockchain and GDPR: data erasure controversy?

LEGAL NEWS • January 8, 2020

Blockchain, serving as one of the most complex networks used when dealing with personal data may be regarded as challenging for the applicability and realization of the General Data Protection Regulation Article 17, which gives the data subject right to erasure or a “right to be forgotten” to ones’ personal data. The immutability and decentralized character of the system does not prescribe the erasure of personal data on the chain, as well as poses problems in determining the competent authority responsible for data protection compliance, when the data subject needs to exercise its rights under the GDPR.


European Union residence permit for non-EU nationals

LEGAL NEWS • October 17, 2019

EU LAW FIRM offers legal aid concerning EU residence permits for non-EU nationals in Latvia.


Bankruptcy proceedings for legal persons

LEGAL NEWS • September 17, 2019

EU LAW FIRM provides legal assistance in clients bankruptcy proceedings both legal and natural persons.