Ship & Yacht Registration

EU LAW FIRM provides the registration of vessels and yachts under the Latvian flag (European Union) and in other jurisdictions worldwide.

1. We provide the registration of ships (tankers, general cargo, and other)

  • Parallel (bareboat) registration;
  • Direct registration.

2. Yacht And Pleasure Craft Registration

  • Registration of yachts;
  • Registration of pleasure crafts;
  • Registration of sport crafts.

3. Registration of Fishing Vessels

Registration of Floating Constructions and Fixed Facilities.

4. We additionally provide:

  • Deletion Of Vessels And Facilities From The Registry Of Ships;
  • The Registration Of Mortgages And Obligations;
  • We assist businesses in the process of licencation and relevant document preparation;
  • Change of vessel's or yacht's flag.

The above list is not exhaustive, and we may provide additional services with regard to vessel and yacht registration, as per necessity and agreement.

Do not hesitate to contact EU LAW FIRM maritime lawyers in EU to find out additional information regarding yacht registrtion under Latvian flag and also other jurisdictions -