Tax Services in Latvia

EU LAW FIRM tax lawyers in Latvia provide clients with tailored tax services - payroll consultations in Latvia, VAT registration in Latvia , fiscal residency in Latvia, international tax advice, and various other tax services as per necessity.

In Latvia the threshold to register as VAT payer is EUR 40'000. EU LAW FIRM tax lawyers in Latvia assist domestic and international clients with VAT registration in Latvia, fiscal representation in Latvia, filing of VAT returns in Latvia, filling of payroll in Latvia, as well as any other tax services. 

Nevertheless, EU LAW FIRM tax lawyers provide international tax advice through our affiliate offices worldwide.

Main tax rates in Latvia:

VAT Rates in Latvia: 21%, 12%, 5% and 0%.

Corporate tax rates in Latvia: For dividends 25%, on certain occasions the corporate tax in Latvia can be reduced up to 0% with certain international jurisdictions. Corporate tax in Latvia is paid only on the distribution of profits. If money is held within the company or invested in company operations, 0% corporate tax rate applies. 

Personal income tax rates in Latvia: 

- 20% up to annual income of EUR 20 004;

- 23% up to annual income exceeding EUR 20 004 until EUR 62 800;

- 31% for annual income exceeding EUR 62 800.



EU LAW FIRM lawyers consult both private and legal persons on taxation matters within the European Union and provide expert legal tax advice to our clients as per necessity.

Do not hesitate to contact EU LAW FIRM tax lawyers in Latvia to receive expert advice on taxation matters within the European Union -

EU LAW FIRM also provide clients with tax advice in Spain, Greece, United Kindgom, Cyprus, Russia, Malta, U.S.A. and other countries as per necessity through our affiliate offices.