Contract Drafting

EU LAW FIRM provides a variety of contract drafting services, tailored specifically for the customer’s needs. We will prepare the contract for the particular client's transaction.

Our contract drafting services are swift and highly reliable. It is possible to receive the drafted contract electronically or via post. All orders are delivered on timely manner.

EU LAW FIRM provides to draft:

  • Sale and purchase contracts (of real-estate, movables, shares and other)
  • Rent contracts and lease (lease of movables, immovables, houses, apartments, cars, instruments, engineering vehicles and other)
  • Services contracts 
  • Contract for particular work performance
  • Carriage of goods and transit contracts (by road, rail, air, sea)
  • Contracts of cession (for the transfer of claim to other parties)
  • Charterparty contracts
  • Arbitration contracts and clauses
  • Other contracts as per the needs of the customers

The contracts are drafted as per the needs of the customer, under the relevant applicable legislation. We provide the delivery of contracts via post and electronically. Please note that the above list of contracts is not exhaustive, and we may draft other types of contracts as per necessity and agreement.

Do not hesitate to contact EU LAW FIRM legal experts in order to find out additional information regarding our contract drafting services. Our contract lawyers in European Union can be contacted by