EU LAW FIRM offers to ensure that customers fully comply with data protection laws and regulations.

1. Conduct data protection audits:

  • Evaluation of internal data processing operations, collection and mapping of information;
  • Collection and evaluation of the authority's data types;
  • Conformity assessment for data protection requirements;
  • Identification, establishment and enforcement of a data protection strategy;
  • Other activities.

2. Development of data protection documentation:

  • Internal and external rules;
  • Privacy and cookie policies;
  • Preparation of contracts between processors and controllers;
  • Data protection documentation with regard to use of blockchain technology.

3. We offer to perform data protection monitoring mechanisms:

  • We offer monitoring of company compliance with data protection requirements;
  • We provide internal data protection advice;

4. Ensure the representation of the client in state institutions (including, state data inspection - DVI) and courts in relation to data breaches:

  • Representation in administrative legal requirements and claims;
  • Representation in civil claims;
  • Representation in the State Data Inspection.

5. Data Protection Employee/Staff training:

  • We offer employee training in data protection issues, developed according to the requirements of the respective client's organization;
  • Development of internal instructions for employees;
  • Other services.

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