EU LAW FIRM is a boutique law firm established in the European Union that specializes in business and commercial law. 

EU LAW FIRM provides a variety of legal services, that are tailored for the specific needs of our clients, providing the best possible results & legal solutions internationally. Currently, EU LAW FIRM has more than 25 legal and business partners globally & growing.  

EU LAW FIRM team consists of European Union qualified lawyers and attorneys at law.

EU LAW FIRM lawyers provide services that include, but are not limited to, contract drafting, company registration, representation of clients in litigation, ship and yacht registration, to represent our clients in disputes related to international carriage of goods as well as the representation of seafarers and shipping companies in various disputes.

1. Legal documents

EU LAW FIRM lawyers assist clients in drafting various types of legal documents:

  • Contracts;
  • Legal document templates;
  • Powers of attorney;
  • Company statutes;
  • Maritime & shipping contracts;
  • Other legal documents.

2. Data protection

One of the paramount values of EU LAW FIRM lawyers is protecting personal data of our clients and ensuring that our client is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation. Our company specializes in the area of data protection, providing our clients with services to ensure the compatibility of the company subject to the current and ever evolving data protection legal acts:

  • Privacy & cookie policy drafting;
  • Internal and external rules;
  • Evaluation and audit of the data;
  • Services of monitoring the compliance;
  • Other areas that may be found here.

3. Banking & finance

EU LAW FIRM attorneys at law provide banking and finance legal services in European Union:

  • Licence for EU credit institutions;
  • AML policy & internal document preparation;
  • Representation of clients in claims;
  • Establishment/opening a branch of a credit institution in EU;
  • Bank account opening;
  • Other legal services.

4. Maritime & shipping

EU LAW FIRM attorneys at law specialize in Maritime law and provide variety of legal services:

  • Ship & yacht registration (EU, Marshall islands, Panama);
  • Ship flag registration;
  • Maritime claims;
  • Drafting of contracts;
  • Protection of interests of maritime workers;
  • Ship arrest in Latvia and EU;
  • Other legal services.

5. Company Registration services worldwide

Register your company in European Union and other jurisdictions through EU LAW FIRM lawyers in Latvia and European Union. Currently, EU LAW FIRM offers to register company in more than 20 countries all over the world, depending on clients' wishes and desired tax rates.

  • Company registration within a week or less in EU and other countries;
  • Full spectre of legal services for companies;
  • Best tax rates & trade possibilities;
  • Company registration could be done completely remotely;
  • More than 20 countries to choose from;
  • Get an EU company and residence permit in a couple of months;
  • Qualified representatives.

6. Intellectual Property Protection

EU LAW FIRM lawyers have a vast experience in Intellectual Property protection in the European Union and worldwide. During years of practice EU LAW FIRM has registered a majority of designs, trademarks & patents in European Union.

  • Official EUIPO representative;
  • EUIPO registration of IP rights;
  • WIPO registration of IP rights;
  • Representation of clients in IP claims;
  • Legal assistance with IP rights.

7. Immigration

EU LAW FIRM lawyers will help you and your family to get temporary and permanent residence in the European Union.

  • Residence permit in all European Union member states;
  • Residence by Investment in EU countries;
  • Residence by establishing a company in EU;
  • UK Settlement program for EU residents (available only until 1 July 2021, due to BREXIT) & UK residence permit;
  • Citizenship programmes in Latvia, Greece and Cyprus.

The effective and rightful representation of our client's interests is the paramount value of EU LAW FIRM.

For the best solutions, trust your legal issues to us.

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