Citizenship by descent in Latvia

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • November 2, 2023

Explaining requirements and procedure how to acquire Latvia citizenship by descent. Latvia can have dual-citizenship with multiple countries in the world. Find out the requirements to apply for citizenship in Latvia.


Simplifying VAT Registration in Switzerland

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • October 27, 2023

VAT registration in Switzerland is obligatory for a legal entity once it exceeds a specific annual sales threshold. However, some activities may qualify for exemptions from VAT payments. If your qualifies for VAT registration and requires further information or assistance in registering for VAT in Switzerland, please feel free to reach out to our expert Swiss tax consultants.


VAT Registration and Fiscal Representation in Switzerland: Updates for 2023

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • October 26, 2023

Discussing the Switzerland VAT registration and filing procedure. As well as the requirements to appoint a fiscal representative in Switzerland.


Guide to Company Registration in Latvia in 2023-24

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • October 23, 2023

A comprehensive guide to company registration procedure in Latvia. Explaining the recent changes in law and assisting with company formation in Latvia.


EU Trademark Registration: 2023 Updates

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • September 28, 2023

Guide to European Union (EU) trademark registration in 2023. Explaining the EU trademark registration process, requirements and options. Contact EU LAW FIRM to register your EU trademark.


10 steps to register a business in the UAE in 2023

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • September 27, 2023

Explaining the steps how to register United Arab Emirates (UAE) Company in 2023.