Employment Agency Requirements in Latvia

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • August 10, 2022

Any company registered in Latvia, fulfilling a set of conditions and requirements, can receive a job placement service license issued by the State Employment Agency (NVA). Only a business that has been granted a license by the State Employment Agency (NVA) to provide job placement services is permitted to do so (consultations regarding job placement, information on the vacant workplaces, job placement or other employment-promoting services).


Latvia Introduces Digital Nomad Visa

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • August 4, 2022

Latvia is moving much closer to the launch of digital nomad visas with the support of the government for the regulation of remote work visas. It will enable nationals of third countries to apply for a long-term visa lasting one year in order to remain in Latvia and continue working remotely for an employer registered outside of Latvia or as a self-employed person. The remote work visa is expected to not only encourage the flow of highly-skilled professionals in Latvia and re-emigration of Latvian nationals who are engaged in remote work from third countries, but also to establish advantageous circumstances so that these individuals' spouses can legitimately engage in remote work while employed from Latvia.


Changes in Commercial Law regarding Joint Stock Companies in Latvia

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • July 10, 2022

The amendments require all joint stock companies, regardless of the chosen type of shares, to submit information on shareholders to Latvian Register of Enterprises. Information on holders of registered shares must be submitted to the Register of Enterprises as soon as changes are made in the register of shareholders. In turn, a joint stock company whose shares are registered in financial instruments accounts must provide information on the largest shareholders in the Register of Enterprises, and this must be provided as soon as the shareholders have informed the joint stock company about the acquisition of shares.


Latvia - FDI Attractive Destination

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • June 27, 2022

The capital of Latvia - Riga is ranked 37th in the list of the most attractive European cities for investment for the next three years. Europe continues to be a desirable location for foreign investment in the long run. Although Latvia may not offer a very large market on its own, many other factors make Riga attractive for foreign direct investment: a high level of technological development, strong online economy & market development, people, a dynamic cultural and social environment, and, most importantly, convenient connection with other countries in the Eastern, Central and Northern European region and the rest of Europe.


Getting a Forex License in Latvia

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • June 22, 2022

Located in the heart of the Baltics – Latvia is a hidden gem for Forex License and trading. Entrepreneurs seeking a Forex license will find Latvia particularly appealing. The financial system in Latvia is well-developed and well-established, with clear and transparent regulations, providing the necessary EU compliance. At the same time, certification in the EU is accessible for incorporated firms that receive a Latvian license - this is a major element for many business owners wishing to grow into European markets.


Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Business Setup

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • June 21, 2022

Explore one of the world's leading destinations for business setup - Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Register your company in Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone for trouble-free administrative procedures and tax-free world-wide business operations. The Ras al-Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK Free Zone) is an unique zone where trading obstacles like taxes, tariffs, and quotas are fully abolished to make international trade easier. To attract international investors, administrative and documentation requirements are reduced to the minimum. Furthermore, not only the business setup in RAK Free Zone benefits from tax-free regime, it also may rely on various double tax treaties UAE has concluded with other countries.