Business immigration to European Union

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • January 29, 2021

Latvia is very interested in attracting foreign investment. This foreign investment may grant you EU residence permit. Compared to other European countries, Latvia is one of the cheapest countries in EU to obtain residence permit by investment (including establishing your company), for example in real estate or country’s economy. Latvian residence permit allows you to move freely through the Schengen area and enjoy all the benefits of legal residence in the EU. Latvia may be not only the perfect place for doing business in EU, but also for moving there with your family.


Startup state support in EU

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • January 26, 2021

Latvia is one of the countries in the EU that provides particular conditions of state support for start-ups. For example, start-up companies are eligible for substantial support from the state, which would be a reduction in payroll taxes or co-financing the costs on highly skilled employees. Foreigners can also apply for start-up visa in Latvia and pursue their innovative business activities in the European Union.


Fiscal Representative in Latvia

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • January 17, 2021

A fiscal representative in Latvia is required in case a company does not have a local presence in Latvia, but it carries out taxable services on the Latvian territory. Most common necessity for fiscal representative in Latvia arises when a company is VAT payer in Latvia - to file monthly VAT returns.


EUIPO representation after Brexit

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • January 13, 2021

Since 1 January 2021, EUTM and RCD Regulations will no longer apply to the UK. As for representatives who have lost their capacity to act before the EUIPO as the result of the end of the transition period shall be 1.) automatically removed from all files in EUTM and RCD related proceedings, 2.) deleted from EUIPO’s database of representatives (if applicable, from the Office’s list of professional representatives), 3.) will not be able to send mail in relation to a file through the EUIPO’s “UserArea”. For proceedings initiated after 1 January 2021, UK companies shall appoint a European representative before the EUIPO. EU LAW FIRM is an EUIPO registered law firm with experience in IP matters all around the European Union and Baltic countries. EU LAW FIRM can act as your representative before the EUIPO in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.


Why to Choose a Lawyer in Latvia?

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • January 12, 2021

If you are looking for qualified lawyer in Latvia to resolve your disputes - EU LAW FIRM is a boutique law firm established in Latvia offering variety of legal services specifically tailored to the needs of the client.


Residence-by- Investment in Latvia

EU LAW FIRM LEGAL NEWS • January 7, 2021

Foreign nationals may apply for residence permit in Latvia through various options. One of the options is Residence-by -Investment Program discussed in this article. Latvian Residence-by-Investment Program is one of the fastest, cheapest and competitive programs in Europe. The Program requires real estate investment, or the investment could be made by making a subordinated loan (deposit) in one of the Latvian banks, through the purchase of interest-free government bonds determined for special purpose, or invest in the equity capital of a Latvian company.