If you are a non-EU citizen and you want to work in Latvia (EU) as a highly skilled employee in fields like IT, engineering, physics, financial analysis, aircraft navigation and other - it is possible to obtain European Union Blue Card to work in EU for period more than 90 days.

General conditions

To qualify as a highly skilled employee and be eligible for obtaining EU Blue Card to freely work and reside in Latvia (EU) for period of more than 90 days (starting from the day of entry) you must have:

  • Diploma from college or university for a particular education program that lasted 3 or more years.
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in the desired field.
  • Annual salary that you earn must be 1.5 times more than average national wage in Latvia (for 2021 it would be approximately 1600 eur/monthly)


Where to apply for EU Blue Card?

Firstly, your future employer has to get approval for inviting you as an employee from local Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (further - OCMA). The vacancy for obtaining EU Blue Card does not have to be registered beforehand in State Employment Agency, however it must have a salary of 1.5 times more than average national wage in Latvia.

If the employer's invitation has been approved by OCMA, the next step you should take is submit your application for EU Blue Card at the diplomatic or consular representative office of the Republic of Latvia abroad. 

The list of diplomatic or consular representative offices of the Republic of Latvia abroad.

After submission of the application, it is evaluated by OCMA. If you are a non-EU national staying in Latvia with a valid visa, you can apply for residence permit directly through OCMA in Latvia.

In some cases there may be a need to also obtain a visa before entering Latvia.

Documents to sumbit

Application for EU Blue Card to work in Latvia as a highly skilled employee requires a lot of documents for OCMA to process, therefore to ensure a positive result of your application it is necessary to contact immigration lawyers in Latvia. To get your EU Blue Card with a positive result and work in Latvia(EU) - feel free to contact EU LAW FIRM immigration lawyers.

Prior to submission of the documents you must have an approval of employer's invitation. If you are an employer - apply for invitation preparation to get highly skilled employee from other country now.

To draft the employment contract for foreigner - contact us.


  • Valid passport.
  • Photograph.
  • Documents confirming sufficient financial means.
  • Documents confirming a place of residency in the Republic of Latvia.
  • Criminal record from the competent authorities of your home country or the country of residence where you have lived for longer than 12 months.
  • All other documents for application are prepared by EU LAW FIRM.*

*Please note that the application requires the payment of State Fee.

Please note that if you have a minor child that is moving to Latvia with you or a child under your maintenance, the above mentioned documents shall be also submitted for the child. The document confirming relationship and permission of other parent to reside in Latvia (EU) shall be notarially approved or signed in the presence of an officer of the administrative body or representation.  

Futher actions

After the approval, when you arrive to Latvia (EU) and receive your EU Blue Card (residence permit) you must declare your place of residence in the Republic of Latvia.

Then, you also have to undergo the health examination in Latvia and present the report - radiologist or fluoroscopic examination done in Latvia.

You must have a health insurance of minimum 42 600 eur, which would guarantee the covering of health expenses. 

Validity of EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card as a highly skilled employee in Latvia (EU) is valid for 5 years, then it is subject to renewal. If employment contract is concluded for a period not exceeding one year, residence permit shall be issued in parts - successive periods of three months for the duration of the employment contract. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What if I got denied in EU Blue Card in Latvia?

You can challenge the decision of OCMA before the Head of the OCMA within 30 days starting from the day you received a notification of refusal. If the decision of the Head of the OCMA is negative - you can appeal it before the Administrative court of the Republic of Latvia. In case you got rejected in your application, feel free to contact EU LAW FIRM immigration lawyers to prepare the appeal as soon as possible. 

2. What to do if I want to change the employer?

If you have a valid EU Blue Card issued in Latvia or other EU member state and you have applied for Latvian EU Blue Card you and your family still can stay in Latvia for the period upon the decision is made. The requirements of salary stay the same as upon application.

3. What if I become unemployed, do I loose my EU Blue Card ?

If you are unemployed, you must notify OCMA of the situation. EU Blue Card will not be revoked if unemployment period is longer than 3 months, there are several periods of unemployment during the validity of your EU Blue Card, or you have not notified the OCMA of your unemployment. If you are unemployed less than 3 months - you will not loose your EU Blue Card! Remember that you as a holder of EU Blue Card are entitled to support from Latvian National Employment Agency. 

4. Do I need to have an employer? Can I just work for myself?

Yes, you can. Only in case you establish a company in Latvia. Company registration process in Latvia is relatively fast, it takes 3-4 business days to process documents and register your company in Latvia. This is the preferred option for highly qualified workers that want to start their own business in EU and get a residence permit in Latvia. The employer in this case is your company. However, pursuant to Latvian legislation there are particular requirements to do so, this is why you shall contact your lawyer for further guidance on company registration in Latvia for EU Blue Card purposes. You can read our other articles on registering company in Latvia and also subscribe to our business guide for detailed information on company types, main business sectors and economics in Latvia, as well as taxation. 

5. Can I apply for permanent residence in Latvia with EU Blue Card?

If you legally resided in Latvia, or any other EU country (two last years have to be in Latvia) for 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence! The requirements are that you have to have sufficient financial means to support your family (calculated individually in each case), you know Latvian language at least for A1 category, you have a place of residence in Latvia. This would allow you to work and reside freely in Latvia or any other EU country. 

To apply for EU Blue Card as highly skilled worker in Latvia (EU), contact EU LAW FIRM immigration lawyers to ensure the 99% positive application.