Latvia is very interested in attracting foreign investment. This foreign investment may grant you EU residence permit. Compared to other European countries, Latvia is one of the cheapest countries in EU to obtain residence permit by investment (including establishing your company), for example in real estate or country’s economy. Latvian residence permit allows you to move freely through the Schengen area and enjoy all the benefits of legal residence in the EU. Latvia may be not only the perfect place for doing business in EU, but also for moving there with your family.

In the international ranking, Heritage Foundation ranks Latvia’s economy the 32nd freest in the 2020 Index. Overall, Latvia is ranked 17th among 45 countries in Europe for doing business, and overall score is higher than majority of regional and world averages.

Company registration in Latvia is very fast and the owner of the company does not have to come to Latvia for registering your own company – EU LAW FIRM authorized lawyers can do everything for you.

Moreover, the participation of foreigners in capital of Latvian companies is not limited by any legal means.

Over the years Latvia stimulates the development and entry of  foreign business, therefore there is no problem whether the owner of the company is a national of that country or not.

Latvia may be the perfect place for your business if you want to establish or expand your business in one of these areas:

  • Agriculture.
  • Construction.
  • Logistics and freight.
  • Woodworking industry.
  • Information and innovation technologies.
  • Shipping.

To immigrate to EU for business purposes – we advise you to choose Latvia.

Latvia is chosen by various nationals of CIS countries, India, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries as the best place to do their business in European Union.

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