Register company in Estonia remotely with EU LAW FIRM

LEGAL NEWS • June 13, 2021

Estonia is one of the European Union countries offering fast and completely remote company registration possibilities. The management of your Estonian company can be done completely remotely with innovative virtual office and possibilities of applying for Estonian E-Residency.


EU LAW FIRM Has Launched Online Store - Order Our Services Online

LEGAL NEWS • May 24, 2021

On 18th May 2021, EU LAW FIRM has launched its' online store -


Legal assistance with obtaining licence for a credit institution in Latvia

LEGAL NEWS • March 31, 2021

EU LAW FIRM attorneys at law in Latvia offer international clients legal assistance with obtaining a licence for a credit institution in Latvia. To incorporate a credit institution in Latvia, such credit institution may start its activities in the Republic of Latvia only after obtaining a licence (permit) and registration for the performance of commercial activities in accordance with the procedures laid down in laws of the Republic of Latvia.


Tax in Latvia

LEGAL NEWS • February 18, 2021

Tax is one of the most important factors individual considers when registering company in EU. Latvia is one of the countries in the European Union with low tax rates. Currently new tax changes are discussed in Latvia that would improve the conditions for businesses in Latvia and social protection for residents in Latvia, EU LAW FIRM tax lawyers in Latvia will provide you a brief guide on current most important tax in Latvia, to explain the existing taxes and answer most asked questions about taxation in Latvia.


Register company in Cyprus

LEGAL NEWS • February 11, 2021

Cyprus is one of the EU fastest growing economies with various business and investment opportunities. Cyprus from 2008 is a member of Eurozone, this allows your company established in Cyprus a full access to European markets and...


Work as a highly skilled employee in Latvia (EU)

LEGAL NEWS • February 4, 2021

If you are a non-EU citizen and you want to work in Latvia (EU) as a highly skilled employee in fields like IT, engineering, physics, financial analysis, aircraft navigation and other - it is possible to obtain European Union Blue Card to work in EU for period more than 90 days.