EU LAW FIRM offers legal assistance in AML matters for companies to ensure the compliance with the requirements of the AML law. EU LAW FIRM offers your company variety of legal services speficially tailored for the internal control system of the company, to ensure the highest level of compliance with the AML legal framework.

The development of digital and corporate possibilities in the European Union has led to higher AML compliance standards that the company shall provide to ensure the proper functioning of the business.

Specifically, you are a subject to AML regulatory framework as: 

  1. Provider of financial services and Credit institution.
  2. Provider of accounting, tax and audit services.
  3. Real estate agent & broker.
  4. Retailer.
  5. Debt collector.
  6. Virtual currency provider.
  7. Art & precious metals/gems dealers
  8. Other service providers.

EU LAW FIRM lawyers provide the preparation of: 

  • Internal documentation on AML and preparation of document templates;
  • Risk assessment (evaluation of high-risk jurisdiction operations, evaluation of industry and customers etc.);
  • Preparation for the inspection of State Revenue Service in Latvia (VID);
  • Legal aspects of AML framework guide for companies;
  • Legal assistance in AML matters;
  • Legal consulting on AML legal framework development and new standards;
  • Other services.

A responsible approach and adoption of the highest AML compliance standards underpins the growth and development of the company. 

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