Bankruptcy and insolvency services for private persons

LEGAL NEWS • January 12, 2011

EU LAW FIRM offers legal assistance in insolvency proceedings for natural persons.


Bankruptcy and insolvency services for companies

LEGAL NEWS • December 15, 2010

EU LAW FIRM provides legal assistance to companies in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.


Debt collection in Latvia

LEGAL NEWS • March 11, 2008

EU LAW FIRM provides debt collection services against both legal and private persons.


EU LAW FIRM Tax Services

LEGAL NEWS • February 20, 2007

EU LAW FIRM has launched its tax consulting services for our clients.


Ship and Yacht Registration

LEGAL NEWS • August 8, 2006

EU LAW FIRM lawyers in Latvia provide ship and yacht flag registration services in the European Union.


Company registration in EU

LEGAL NEWS • July 12, 2006

EU LAW FIRM provide EU company registration services in Latvia. EU LAW FIRM will ensure client with an European Union company founded in Latvia.