If you are looking for qualified lawyer in Latvia to resolve your disputes - EU LAW FIRM is a boutique law firm established in Latvia offering variety of legal services specifically tailored to the needs of the client.

EU LAW FIRM is a leading Baltic legal bureau, offering legal services with regard to business law and immigration. 

EU LAW FIRM is made up of competent lawyers and attorneys at law and our Latvian law firm offers different personalized legal services in civil and commercial matters in the European Union. 

EU LAW FIRM specializes in different corporate areas in order to provide full spectre of services to those who are interested in opening a company in Latvia and European Union, investing in Latvia or move there to pursue other business activities. Latvia does provide particular benefits for foreigners, however that shall be acquainted with Latvian legislation. To open a European company in a couple of business days, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers. EU LAW FIRM also offers business package for foreign businesses and investors, which includes full company establishment, company seal and other benefits, including lawyer for your company to whom you can refer at any time in case of necessity.

EU LAW FIRM offers legal advice on taxation in Latvia. Taxation is important for locals and foreigners who run business in Latvia to establish tax residence, prepare for SRS examination, determine the possible incentives that Latvia provides for foreign tax payers and provide other information on CIT in Latvia, periods when the taxes shall be paid and other. 

EU LAW FIRM specializes in immigration in order to help families and individuals to move to the European Union. During years of legal practice, our lawers in Latvia have helped dozens of foreigners to move to the EU. We offer legal assistance with residence permits, visas and company establishment in EU and all other formalities.

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During COVID-19 pandemic EU LAW FIRM works completely remotely.

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