EU LAW FIRM offered business package is a perfect solution for new entrepreneurs and already experienced market players to initiate or continue their business activities in the European Union.

EU LAW FIRM offered EU company business package includes all that is necessary to sucessfully carry out your business activities in EU.

The business package includes:

1) Registration of Limited Liability Company or Joint Stock Company establishment in European Union and others.
2) Company's seal.
3) 1 hour of legal consultation to begin the business, or hire a corporate lawyer for a particular time (as example 1 month) for a fixed additional fee, that will provide continuous legal consulting and aid for the client in all business-related questions.
4) Delivery of registration documents with Apostille either electronically or via post/courrier.

EU LAW FIRM will register you an EU company within 3 business days after submission of all documentation.

We hereby kindly invite you to contact our business lawyers in EU to find out additional information regarding our EU company registration services in European Union and our business package -

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