EU LAW FIRM offers full spectre of legal aid remotely, giving a possibility to the client to choose your own digital lawyer from any part of the world.

EU LAW FIRM offers a wide range of legal aid availability remotely.

Why should you choose remote legal aid:

  • Time, remote legal aid will be done in swift and timely manner after recieving application
  • Location, to receive legal aid there is no obligation to visit our office, apply for legal aid from home, workplace or vacation
  • Availability, EU LAW FIRM lawyers are available to the client at any time via email or phone
  • Simplicity, documents are specifically tailored to client's needs with the possibility of correction at any time
  • Money, save your money by connecting the digital lawyer via email, WhatsApp, Telegram and other available means from any part of the world
  • Electronic signature, sign all the documents provided to you with your electronic signature from anywhere in the world
  • Delivery, documents are delivered to you via email, post, in person, in any convenient location the client wants
  • Company establishment, establish the company remotely 
  • Remote communication with authorities, your lawyer communicates with relevant authorities, delivers the documents 

EU LAW FIRM remote legal aid is specifically suitable for:

  • Residence permits in the EU
  • Company registration
  • Sale of yachts and vessels
  • Drafting contracts
  • Non-EU residents
  • Corporate dispute resolution
  • Data protection
  • Insolvency and liquidation
  • Litigation
  • Recovery of damages

EU LAW FIRM offers you to save your time and choose the remote legal aid from anywhere in the world, to know more information about your possibilities and rights do not hesitate to contact EU LAW FIRM -

EU LAW FIRM offers full confidentiality, transparency, control over and protection of client's personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and national law of the Republic of Latvia, for more information read our Privacy Policy.