Lawyers of the EU LAW FIRM offer resolution of any corporate disputes quickly, effectively and from anywhere in the world.

EU LAW FIRM lawyers offer companies legal aid to resolve corporate disputes.

EU LAW FIRM undertakes to protect the rights of clients, shareholders, investors, board members and shareholders, managers, trustees, participants and other stakeholders.

EU LAW FIRM provides:

  • Effective protection of the rights of the subject;
  • Protection of equity ownership rights;
  • Protection of rights concerning the interests of society;
  • Analysis of the legal aspects of the transaction;
  • Contract drafting;
  • Resolution of corporate disputes arising from the contract (including submission to arbitration);
  • Drafting of corporate agreements;
  • Protecting the rights to manage the company;
  • Trials and all necessary documents;
  • Legal aspects of investments;
  • Other questions upon the request of the client.

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