The development of blockchain as a decentralized ledger has raised numerous issues within the EU, specifically when used within an organization or a business facility, which relies on blockchain as main operating system. EU LAW FIRM offers legal aid in ensuring the compatibility of the system, business transactions and documentation of the company using private blockchain regarding customers' data protection issues in the European Union.

If a company decides to use private blockchain for particular business purposes and initially the company processes or deals with personal data within its daily business activities, it is possible that the use of blockchain may raise concerns of the regulators.

For the companies using private blockchain EU LAW FIRM offers:

-The development of the documentation regarding personal data protection;

-Drafting a privacy policy in compatibility with all the data protection principles;

-Examining the legal consequences of using blockchain;

-Drafting of the guidelines specifically tailored for the company in implementing data protection rules under the GDPR and Latvian law;

-Drafting of data erasure clauses and requests;

-Drafting of contracts between the participants of the chain;

-Legal consulting on carrying out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA);

-Drafting of data recording activities documentation for the appointed data controller;

-Examination of conditions of the data;

For further legal guidance on use of private blockchain for business purposes in the EU and ensuring the compliance of the company with data protection legal requirements please contact our lawyers via -