Patent Validation in Latvia - Updates for 2023

Patent validation in Latvia 2023 Updates

European patent validation in Latvia has been made easier since the joining to the European Patent Organization (EPO). This is an independent organization from the European Union (EU) and has all of the 27 member states of EU plus 12 other countries as members of this organization. Together with the extension and validation states, there are in total 44 contracting states to this organization.

Latvia used to be an extension state, however, now it has officially joined the EPO. Latvia has also signed the London Agreement, which is meant to reduce the cost of translation for European patents. Latvia, however, does not have one of the three EPO languages – English, French, German, as the official language of the country, therefore, it is allowed to elect one of these languages in which the patent description must be translated and to require the claims to be translated into Latvian. In Latvia it has been accepted to only require the Latvian translation for the claims and to not have the description translated.

The validation request to Latvian Patent Office must be filled out no later than 3 months after the publication of a European patent application by the European Patent Office in the official edition of the European Patent Office.

The translation to Latvian of the claims of the European patent must be submitted by the owner of the patent and the necessary fees must be paid. Once all of this has been done, starting from the date of publication of the European Patent Office notice regarding the granting of the patent, the patent is subject to the same rights as a national patent. According to Article 2(2) EPC, where it has been stated, that a European patent shall be subject to the same conditions as of those of the respecting state where the patent is granted.



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Description automatically generatedThere is no need for the Power of Attorney for European patent validation in Latvia.

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