Brexit happened when the UK left the European Union on 31 January 2020. The transition period of Brexit runs out on 31 December, therefore UK established businesses operating all over the EU need to swiftly adapt to changes in customs, taxation, import and export of goods from and to the European Union. If the company’s goods or services are exported/imported to the European Union and that constitutes a majority of company’s revenue - EU LAW FIRM reccomends to establish or relocate a company in the European Union/Latvia.

After Brexit, if your UK business mainly operates in the European Union, you may want to shift your business from the UK to the EU for many reasons.

EU LAW FIRM offers to establish your own company in Latvia and operate all over the EU.

Latvia offers a progressive business environment, a favourable tax system, efficient business and investment infrastructure, highely qualified workforce and open economy.

Company establishment in Latvia takes 3-4 business days, your presence is not required - establish your own company in EU remotely.

Located in the heart of the three Baltic countries, Riga, the capital of Latvia is one of the largest cities in Baltics, that over the years has become appealing to businesses and investors operating in the EU. Having business in Latvia opens an unrivalled access to EU customers, Turkey, Middle East, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus due to georgaphical location.

Starting business in Latvia also has more benefits, such as possibility of start-up funding, low rates of pay for workers, getting residence permit in the European Union for one of the cheapest programmes available.

Foreign entrepreneurs in Latvia usually register the following types of undertakings, depending on the business type, revenue and other factors:

1. limited liability company (SIA);

2. joint stock company (AS);

3. branch;

4. representative office of foreign merchant. 

EU LAW FIRM will choose the most appropriate type of an undertaking for your business in terms of law and economics, prepare the necessary documentation for company incorporation and represent your interests in the state authorities. 

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Important notice for business owners post-Brexit:

The UK has a double taxation agreement with Latvia to ensure you do not pay tax on the same income in both countries.

Existing double taxation arrangements for UK nationals living in Latvia have not changed.