If you are a new enterpreneur in Latvia/EU, you need to ensure that your start-up comany is compliant with legal framework of Latvia and the European Union. The compliance may range from strong data protection to carefully analysed and drafted contract with your partners and investors. EU LAW FIRM lawyers provide legal services for new enterpreneurs, to ensure your start-up’s compliance and protect you from possible legal issues.

EU LAW FIRM provides the following services for new enterpreneurs:

  • Contract drafting;
  • Data protection compliance;
  • Company registration and establishment;
  • Analysis of existing contracts;
  • Corporate dispute resolution;
  • Accounting services;
  • Tax consulting;
  • Other services.

You also can choose our Business Package for full spectre of legal services for your start-up company. 

To know more information about our legal services offered for new start-up companies and enterpreneurs, do not hesitate to contact EU LAW FIRM commercial lawyers - info@eulawfirm.eu