In inheritance disputes, if there is an international element, or a foreigner owns real estate, a vehicle, bank account or particular obligations in one of the EU countries, the procedure of transferring the obligations and rights of the deceased by succession may be complicated. EU LAW FIRM offers assistance to international clients in cases of cross-border succession in Latvia and all around the European Union.

In cases of cross-border succession, client may need to start succession proceedings in different countries, where the client has movable or immovable property, bank account and other rights that can be transferred. This automatically means that the client needs to deal with laws of different countries, which may result in:

  • costly procedure;
  • conflicting decisions from the relevant authorities.

In European Union, the succession having international element is regulated with the Succession Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 650/2012). 

If you have movable or immovable assets in Latvia, or other European Union country, you need to find a lawyer that will help you to:

  • refer to the competent authorities;
  • prepare the relevant documentation;
  • assist you in all matters in the EU;
  • analyse the effects of the documents and enforcement procedure;
  • which law will apply to succession;
  • assist you with the local notary;
  • determine the payment of taxes;
  • deal with national registers;
  • guide you on the national law of the country.

It is important to note that the EU Succession Regulation does not deal with substantive issues - the national law will determine the

  • taxes;
  • distribution of the assets;
  • status;
  • property regime;
  • pension plans;
  • maintenance obligations;
  • other substantive issues.

EU LAW FIRM lawyers can help the client with all the issues related to cross-border succession and assist the client in all matters remotely.

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