If you are a Nomad, or work remotely, you may have though about establishing your own company in a country with friendly tax rate. EU LAW FIRM legal professionals offer legal advice and consulting for Nomads from any part of the world. Incorporate your own company within a couple of business days in Latvia and get an opportunity to freely move travel and work around all 27 European Union countries.

If you are a digital Nomad, Latvia is one of the best options to register your company in - establish your company remotely from any part of the world.

Establishing your company in Latvia as a Nomad offers you:

  • Financially appealing programme.
  • Friendly tax rate.
  • Possibility to get residence permit.
  • Latvian companies are valuable in the European Union.
  • Allows you to do business in all European Union countries and abroad.

EU LAW FIRM supports digital Nomads and enterpreneurs, EU LAW FIRM offers:

  • Company registration in Latvia within 3-4 business days;
  • 90 days working visa as you register your company;
  • Residence permit in the EU;
  • Data protection services;
  • Accounting and taxation advise (also payroll/constant accounting services may be provided for your company);
  • Other legal services upon request (contract drafting etc.).

We also offer legal services in other European Union countries through our affiliate partners.

To know more about your possibilities as a Nomad in the EU and establish your own company in Latvia, do not hesitate to contact EU LAW FIRM lawyers - info@eulawfirm.eu

You also can contact EU LAW FIRM by phone +37126742086