EU LAW FIRM offers our clients charter party contract drafting services. Qualified maritime law lawyers of EU LAW FIRM will draft a contract between a shipowner and charterer for carriage of cargo, passengers or pleasure purposes. The crucial element in charter party contract is to clearly state the rights and obligations of a shipowner and a charterer - EU LAW FIRM lawyers will analyse all the possible legal disputes, jurisdiction and law applicable to draft the contract tailored to clients' needs.

EU LAW FIRM lawyers offer to draft charter party contracts for:

  • Demise charter
  • Time charter
  • Voyage charter

EU LAW FIRM lawyers will provide legal advise on charter party contract regarding:

  • Both parties liabilities/including the liability of the intermediary agency;
  • Obligations of both parties;
  • Payment, cancellation, non-performance of the charterer;
  • Defects and late delivery matters;
  • Repairs and subsequent matters;
  • Subsidiary agreements;
  • Special clauses in the agreement;
  • Jurisdiction and applicable law suitable for both parties (initially to choose in the contract/will help to determine the right jurisdiction and applicable law in case of contractual disputes);
  • Laytime/demurrage;
  • Taxes and dues;
  • Risks;
  • Other matters.

To draft your personal charter party contract for carriage of cargo, carriage of passengers, yacht or vessel for pleasure purposes you are more than welcome to contact EU LAW FIRM maritime law lawyers in EU via -