EU LAW FIRM offers our client to help recover the damages resulting from transportation of goods by road or by sea. EU LAW FIRM commercial lawyers are experts to recover losses that client's business has suffered in international carriage of goods by road or by sea.

Over the years of legal practice EU LAW FIRM has helped hundreds of clients to recover damages resulting from:

  • Loss of freight;
  • Damaged goods;
  • Delay of delivery;
  • Fault of the shipper;
  • Fraud of the shipper;
  • Liability of the carrier;
  • Contractual claims;
  • Other issues.

EU LAW FIRM offers our clients:

  • File a damage recovery claim;
  • Draft a contract for carriage of goods (also including analysis and choice of INCOTERMS if needed);
  • Assist in all matters of European and International law;
  • Jurisdiction issues;
  • Check and correct the existing contract;
  • File a claim in the court or arbitral tribunal;
  • Other services related to carriage of goods.

Should you have any issues regarding international carriage of goods, feel free to refer your problems to EU LAW FIRM commercial lawyers directly via e-mail

You also can contact our lawyers by phone +37126742086