EU LAW FIRM recommends service contract in the EU as the necessary contract when the service provider agrees to provide certain services (from individual-oriented services to large professional services) to the client. Service contract is a necessary element in ensuring protection both of the service provider rights and the client rights that receives services, EU LAW FIRM provides to draft any service agreement tailored to client's business needs.

Service contract is useful for your business when:

  • Entering in a new business relationships;
  • Hiring a new service provider;
  • Need to secure your rights because the service is a valuable asset;
  • Know your rights as a service provider and as a client;
  • Secure valuable information.

To exclude possible dispute resolution and misunderstanding, it is important that service contract prior to conclusion is referred to the lawyer or the lawyer from the start drafts the agreement - EU LAW FIRM offers to check the existing contract and draft a new contract for the client.

Should you be interested in drafting service contract in the EU, do not hesitate to contact EU LAW FIRM lawyers for legal consulting and drafting your service contract, specifically focused on the services you provide, including issues of jurisdiction, European Law and other important elements such as:

  • Data protection in EU.
  • General conditions analysis.
  • Special conditions analysis.
  • IP matters.
  • Force majeure situations.
  • Claims and liability arising from non-performance of contractual obligation.
  • Unfair contract terms analysis.

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