Owing a patent or a trademark may increase your business value and attract investors. Owing a patent or a trademark in European Union will additionally secure your business and provide additional benefits that businesses enjoy registering their IP right under EU law. If you are planning on doing business, manufacturing, or selling products online in the European Union, you should consider intellectual property rights in the EU countries.

EU LAW FIRM offers our clients legal assistance in all matters of Intellectual Property within European Union and other countries outside the Union.

EU LAW FIRM will assist our clients in registration of intellectual property rights and how to claim your rights in case of intellectual property right infringement.

EU LAW FIRM will register the following intellectual property rights within all European countries:

  • Patents
  • Trade marks
  • Copyright with protection of your moral and economic rights
  • Designs
  • Databases with protection of its structure and content via sui generis or a copyright
  • Geographical indications (GI, PGI and PDO)

EU LAW FIRM can offer to register your IP right in a specific European Union Member State via national registration and internationally.

To know more about your possibilities and IP rights in the European Union, do not hesitate to contact our IP lawyers via info@eulawfirm.eu

You can also contact EU LAW FIRM intellectual property lawyers in EU by phone +37126742086