EU LAW FIRM offers clients to prepare visa to enter the European Union. If as a non-EU national you want to work and stay in the EU, there are particular requirements for applying for visa and residence permit. EU LAW FIRM offers remote consulting on immigration and preparation of all necessary documents to help you pursue your activity in the European Union.

When you need visa to the EU?

If you are a non-EU national, and your employment is related with short term or occasional residence in Latvia, which does not exceed 90 days within half a year starting the day of entering Latvia - you are obliged to recieve visa or temporary residence and work permit. 

If you are a foreigner and you are employed in Latvia, then if the empolyment is related to regular residence in Latvia, which exceeds 90 days within half a year starting the day of entering Latvia, a foreigner has to receive temporary residence permit and work permit.


EU LAW FIRM will help you to prepare all the relevant documents for the authorities and assist the client during the application for visa and residence permit in the European Union.

There are many ways how to obtain work permit and residence permit, some of them are:

  • If you have academic and professional experience, EU Blue Card may be issued to you.
  • Work visa requires the invitation by the employer + employment contract, if needed, the employer may be found for you.
  • Incorporating your own company and being self-employed in Latvia.
  • Investment in property or business.

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