Legal aid concerning European Union Law

LEGAL NEWS • June 11, 2013

Latvia joined the European Union in 2004, meaning that Latvia is part of a supranational union with its own specific rights and obligations, having a significant change in its own legal system as Member State of the union. EU LAW FIRM will help the client to find an appropriate solution to the legal problem, in accordance with European Union law and rights granted to the client by the EU.


Bankruptcy and insolvency services for private persons

LEGAL NEWS • January 12, 2011

EU LAW FIRM offers legal assistance in insolvency proceedings for natural persons.


Bankruptcy and insolvency services for companies

LEGAL NEWS • December 15, 2010

EU LAW FIRM provides legal assistance to companies in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.


Debt collection in Latvia

LEGAL NEWS • March 11, 2008

EU LAW FIRM provides debt collection services against both legal and private persons.


EU LAW FIRM Tax Services

LEGAL NEWS • February 20, 2007

EU LAW FIRM has launched its tax consulting services for our clients.


Ship and Yacht Registration

LEGAL NEWS • August 8, 2006

EU LAW FIRM lawyers in Latvia provide ship and yacht flag registration services in the European Union.